Every Woman Works provides women with the structure, tools, and environment necessary to build a spiritual foundation, develop family leadership, gain financial independence, and cultivate personal growth.

BEEs Program

Every Woman Works Bees program is a holistic, comprehensive 6 or 8-week training program that addresses women’s spirit, soul, mind, and body to ensure their success.

BEEVets Program

Every Woman Works VETS program is a ten-week programs customized to address the specific needs of women that have served in the various branches of the military.
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Every Woman Works’ programs have made a tremendous impact on women’s lives. Our programs are changing lives by …


Embracing professional women becoming employed who have been unemployed for a few months to many years.


Re-educating women with the new job search process which is highly dependent on the computer application process.


Qualifying women who want to transition into another career path.


Enabling Female Vets to successfully transition from the military life to civilian life.

Employment Success

Re-establishing women who have a criminal background with employment success.


Assisting women who have come through recovery centers.


Empowering women who have survived domestic violence relationships.


Authorizing women who have come through the penal system